Blue Zones. Where You Live Can Add Years To Your Life

So, what does Okinawa, Japan – Sardinia, Italy – Nicoya, Costa Rica -Icaria, Greece and a group of Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California all have in common? They all live in geographic areas known as Blue Zones.

Blue Zones refer to a demographic or geographic area where its population, usually small, experience a healthier and longer life than rest of the world’s population.

For example, the citizens of Icaria, Greece have a 50 percent lower rate of heart disease and one-third of the Icarians live well into their nineties.

Researchers have discovered mountain villages in Sardinia, Italy where it is very common for men to reach the age of one-hundred.

In the United States, a group of Seventh Day Adventists living in Loma Linda, California are among America’s longest living citizenry.

The common threads running through these discovered Blue Zones seems to be; Living a life with little stress, an interactive family life with community involvement and a diet loaded with antioxidants along with fresh fish, whole grains and red wine. A lifetime of physical activity, such as walking, gardening, cutting firewood, all seemed to play a part in Blue Zone longevity and overall health.

These are a few of the Blue Zone lessons. Since we all can’t move to a Blue Zone, we at least can bring the Blue Zone to us.

Your Skins Best Nourishment May Be Hiding In Your Fridge

If you had a choice between chemical or natural skincare products,
which would you choose? Well, you do have a choice and it’s most
likely already in your pantry or refrigerator.

Many of the commercial skincare products that market themselves
as “natural” are fibbing at the very least. By making your own products
at home you can be certain what you’re using is truly chemical free.

Castor oil, which has been around forever, is an all natural and inexpensive
product for cleansing your face. Apply the oil with your finger tips to
your face and gently rub , let sit, then after a few minutes rinse off with
warm water. Castor oil is also a great eye make-up remover.

Another wonderful natural face cleanser is honey. To remove make-up,
add a little baking soda to the honey on a wash cloth, gently rub in and
rinse with warm water. For dry skin, mix milk with honey for cleansing.
If your skin is especially oily, add a small amount of lemon juice to the
honey. The big plus with using honey as a cleanser is that it moisturizes
very well to keep skin soft.

Yogurt, surprisingly is also a very effective facial cleanser. Use the same
as honey or with a couple drops of essential oil for a sweet and fresh

By grinding oats and mixing with liquid, you can create a wonderful
exfoliate. For normal skin just mix oats with water. If your skin is oily
mix oats with a small amount of lemon juice, and for dry skin use milk,
cream or yogurt as the mixing liquid. Cornmeal or baking soda can be
used in place of oats if you wish. These cleansers should not be made
in large batches, only make what you need for immediate use.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Maintaining good health and keeping diseases at bay is important to all of us and antioxidants are the tiny entities that enable us to do just that.

Antioxidants enter our bodies with the food we eat and they diminish or prevent molecular oxidation. When this oxidation occurs it can create free-radicals. It is normal for the body to have a certain amount of free-radicals, but an overabundance can be harmful and damage healthy cells. Excess alcohol, smoking, pollutants, infection and high stress levels all contribute to the formation of free-radicals. Studies have shown an excess of free-radicals have a part in heart disease, diabetes, cancer and possibly premature aging.

Antioxidants have the power to neutralize free-radicals.

Research shows the most effective means to increase antioxidants in your body is simple….eat plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Five servings a day is recommended to maintain a healthy level of antioxidants.

Here is just a short list of great tasting foods high in antioxidants: chiles, garlic, grapes, almonds, berries, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, pinto beans, sweet potatoes, raw nuts and seeds and whole grain brown rice. With a list like this DO the right thing to EAT the right thing.


Max Strom

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