Good night. Good skin.

“You look tired.”

Three words no one ever wants to hear, but it can mean a lot regarding matters of the skin. Blackheads and millia aside, this can be the main reason your skin looks dull and lackluster. During those ever important hours of rest, the skin is busy repairing itself from all the damage it encountered during the day. The free radicals that are attacking the skin cells, toxins from the environment trying to become a part of the cellular DNA, and having that extra glass of wine instead of water are many of the things the skin has to overcome to become healthy. But, the body knows how to heal itself. During those blissful hours of rest, the cellular turnover is at its best. Moving dead skin cells off the surface and bringing the new, vibrant and healthy ones to the top happens at a much faster rate when the body is resting. Rest helps heal breakouts and reduce wrinkles and sun spots.

There is a reason that night creams should be a part of your daily regime. At night, the skin is not exposed to harmful UV rays. These rays cause damage not only to the skin, but also to the products used to heal and protect. UV rays break down vitamins and retinoids making them less effective. So don’t use your power packed night cream in the morning because you won’t get the benefits of the ingredients and you will be wasting money.

Don’t forget your eyes. They are too pretty to be surrounded by puffiness and fine lines. Make your eyes stand out tomorrow by applying a hydrating and firming eye cream just before you hit the sack tonight. While caffeine is never good to drink before you go to bed, it is great to use to increase circulation. Place some warm black tea bags on your eyes and save the tea for the morning.

So, add a few drops of lavender or sandalwood onto your mattress near the pillows, turn off the television, turn on some soothing sounds and get some rest. Do your best to go to bed at the same time every evening. You will soon be hearing how great you look just by adding one new thing…sleep!


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  1. This was SO helpful! I have noticed the difference in my usually glowing skin lately. Now I know that the extra glass of merlot has to go if I want my glow back! Thanks for this :)

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