Take that, UV Rays!

If there was one simple step you could take to prevent wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer, sunburn, and aging, would you do it everyday? Well you should. That one step is sunscreen. Not just any sunscreen, but physical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens using Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide come from the earth and protect the skin like no others. There is Avobenzone, but if it is not stabilized then it breaks down very easily in sunlight. There are chemical sunscreens, but they don’t keep the UV rays out. Most chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the rays and then dispersing the heat. Why go through that risk when it is just as easy to hold up a mirror to the rays and have them bounce off the skin? That is essentially what Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide do.

You might be thinking that you are ultra protected because you are using SPF 50 on your face. Well actually, you’re just spending more money on marketing. Sorry to break it to you. Anything over 30 really isn’t doing much better. SPF 30 blocks about 96% UV rays and SPF 60 blocks about 97.5%. And those numbers really don’t mean anything if you aren’t going to reapply every few hours. Especially if you are outside most of the day– please reapply. You can always buy more if you run out.

Here are some fabulous sunscreens for all skin types: My favorite for oily skin is by Kimberly Sayer. It’s the Ultralight SPF 25. It has a touch of lemon so it helps control oil production and gives a wonderful matte finish to the skin. If your skin is a little dryer, Sircuit Daycare is wonderful for you. It has sunflower seed oil, chamomile to soothe and Glucuronic acid that helps bind moisture to the skin cells. The best for normal to combination skin is The Body Deli’s Solar Day Cream. Packed with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and E, it helps nourish and feed the skin. Any guess where you can get all of these? You guessed it, right at The Still Point.

I know you will apply sunscreen at the beach, but apply it if you are going to be outside at all during the day. If you drive, sit next to a large window at work, or even if it is raining, please apply sunscreen. See, I told you it was simple. One step that will save your skin!


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