Powerful Essential Oils Augment Healing Practices

I’m so excited about the new Essential Oil Blending Bar opening soon at The Still Point in Takoma Park. Yesterday, I completed the first round of training in essential oils & aromatherapy with many of my colleagues from TSP Takoma Park and Clarksville. Not surprisingly, the two full days of training included detailed information on the history, sourcing, distillation, chemical composition of the oils, properties, uses and blending with a special focus on the oils that we’ll be starting with at our blending bar.

I’ve loved practicing aromatherapy for years but until now, I had just studied on my own and was making healing ointments, lotions and bath salts for myself, friends and family. But finally my training is official and it was worth the wait! Our private training was conducted by Jimm Harrison, one of our nation’s foremost Aromatherapy Gurus (our label, not his) and it was the same course in Essential Oils Foundations, which he teaches at Bastyr University in Washington State; a leading university in natural health education and named for Dr. John Bastyr, who is considered the father of modern naturopathic medicine! Yes, I was impressed at our good fortune.

It was fabulous to share this two-day intensive with so many staff and practitioners from our two locations. Now my colleagues and I at TSP can bring these very special treats to our clients. AND – how special these oils are and not like what you typically find readily available!  These are harvested from sustainable sources, organic whenever possible, highly potent due to their excellent distillation & purity and therefore, maintain their deeply healing properties.

The base creams & lotions these special oils can be blended into – called our “Primary Elements” – are fabulous healing products on their own.  We will be able to blend these or use the oils in treatment sessions to address a wide range of health and beauty concerns completely tailored to the individual client’s needs.

Like Reiki therapy, aromatherapy is subtle, but provides powerful healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In fact, I had several reminders during our introductory training, as well as the 2-day intensive, of just how much these two practices are similar and that they are both arts and practices. I guess it’s no surprise why I’ve been drawn to both. I’m such a believer in aromatherapy and the power of essential oils and I know these really add another significant dimension to the healing practices already at The Still Point.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this opportunity to bring to our clients these special products that really aren’t available anywhere else! I’m sure you’ll be as excited and impressed as we are about these fabulous, completely customizable healing products of the highest quality as well as the option to have them incorporated into your treatment sessions.


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