Ready. Set. Go.

The planets Saturn, Mercury and Mars have been moving in retrograde motion above, while Jupiter and Venus inched closer and closer to one another, both visible to the naked eye. Solar flare storms wreaked havoc on our satellite systems just a few weeks ago, producing marvelous Aurora Borealis as far south as the state of Pennsylvania. Our days and nights are currently of equal length now that the Sun has crossed over the Earth’s equator. Spring is upon us once again in the northern hemisphere, though I wonder; what happened to winter? For certain, we’ve witnessed quite an eventful end to this first quarter of 2012. But truth be told, a culmination of this heightened activity is still yet to come.

Despite an action packed start to the New Year, many would agree that these past few months have been rather sluggish. Some would argue that this was due to a simple case of the winter blues, but from an astrological perspective, I would say that the planets in our solar system might be more blameworthy. Of the three planets currently retrograde in the sky, Mars has had the most challenging effects on us all. You may recall that a planet in retrograde gives the illusion of moving backwards around the Sun, and the energy of Mars is action oriented. Its reverse motion has thus made it difficult for many of us to get anything accomplished.

Mars has been retrograde since January of this year, adding a lethargic tone to our usual day-to-day. This may have resulted in a lot of self criticism for being poorly productive. We should keep in mind, however, that while Mars is retracing its steps, we are being given the signal to do the same. That is the message of a planet in retrograde – to reorganize and reassess. It won’t be necessary, then, to pass judgment for procrastination, for what we are actually able to complete now will be of the most benefit in the future once Mars stations forward on April 13th.

If anything, this is our cue to slow down and prepare. The universe is asking us to review any unfinished business, and to continue to put the building blocks in place for what’s ahead. Once the summer season arrives, life as we know it will look quite different, and we’ll be grateful for the time we had to ensure that all of our ducks are in a row. Until then, this period should serve as a reminder that there’s always a rhyme and reason for the activities of the celestial bodies above. All we are expected to do in the meantime is simply trust in the process.

Tracey is an Astrologer at Manifest Joy, formerly known as our Mind+Spirit Center, and a guest blogger for The Still Point. Tracey can be reached via email for a personal Astrology reading at


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