Spidey Senses

It seems the more I study and practice Astrology, the more my spidey sense is enhanced (you’ll recall the Spiderman reference). At first, I disregarded certain sixth senses – like flashes of insight, primarily because I questioned my ability to be so acutely aware. Now, however, as I continue to grow and trust my own intuition, such insights are pretty much impossible to ignore. I still try to maintain a balance between mystical and practical knowledge though, especially since I don’t operate in a purely enlightened state of mind. Full growth in consciousness requires some degree of grounding; after all, we need real life experiences to augment that universal source of wisdom.

I’m not the only one whose spidey sense has been activated. Anyone in the midst of a significant transition; feeling stagnant – having lost all interest in their regular responsibilities; wanting to focus on future goals while putting an end to present-day obligations, has their spidey sense fully engaged.  This speaks to pretty much all of us, really, as we begin to instinctively understand why certain elements of life must change and that we are very much entitled to our destined purpose. It’s become a matter of principle that these are the convictions under which we currently live. Social restlessness increases along with ongoing protests for individual freedom of choice, and not only is this evident from a global standpoint, but it’s equally just as easy to recognize in our personal lives.

The celestial bodies above are aligned in a way that beckons the restructuring politics of the 1930s, and the transformative spirit of the 1960s. A shift is in store, and the only path to real progress involves a collective awakening. Indeed, thorough examination of the systems in place that affect our livelihood, matched with the inspirational foresight to improve our earthly existence, is the only way to advance – this is called spiritual evolution. In his book, “The Celestine Prophecy,” James Redfield said that “every time we follow an intuition and some mysterious encounter leads us forward, our personal vibration increases.” What could be is the mystery that propels us forward, and our spidey sense is the vibration that motivates us to explore all the possibilities.

Tracey is an Astrologer at Manifest Joy - formerly our Mind + Spirit Center – and a guest blogger for The Still Point. Tracey can be reached via email for a personal Astrology reading at tracey@manifest-joy.com.


Eliminating Allergies to Fall, Weed, Pollen, and Molds

In the fall, airborne weed, pollen, and molds are the cause of most allergic reactions. Some believe the late summer/fall allergy season will be worse this year because global warming propels winter to start later and end earlier, extending the time for pollen-bearing plants to thrive.

Even though allergies may be worse this year, they are not something that you have to live and suffer with for the rest of your life.  Nor do you have to take drugs or get shots for the rest of your life just to get a modicum of relief. In fact, it is possible to eliminate your body’s allergic response in a short period of time.

I’ll explain all of this, but first, let’s look at what an allergy really is from a functional medicine point of view.

What Is An Allergy?

An allergy is a heightened sensitivity to a foreign substance, like pollen or foods, that causes the body’s defense system (the immune system) to overreact when defending itself.

Normally, the immune system would only react if a harmful substance, such as bacteria or virus, is detected in the body. For people with allergies, their immune system misidentifies pollen, or shellfish, for example, as a bacteria or a virus, which it thinks must be destroyed. However, what really gets destroyed is the immune system’s own marker cell (mast cell) that has attached to the pollen or shellfish.

When mast cells are destroyed, their stores of histamine and other allergy mediators are released into the surrounding tissues and blood. Too much histamine can cause your airways to constrict, like with asthma, or cause blood vessels to become more permeable, leading to fluid leakage or hives.

So, allergic reactions occur because the immune system mistakenly identifies something, which is actually harmless, as a bacteria or virus. It acts on this misinformation, which results in it killing off its own messenger cells that release a powerful cocktail of histamine, and other cell messenger substances into the blood stream as they die. This large volume of histamine then produces a runny nose, itching eyes, hives, asthma or what we call an allergic reaction.

Allergies Eliminated Using NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)

In order to eliminate what causes allergic reactions, it would make sense to correct the error or misinformation in the immune system’s programming that causes it to see pollen as a bacteria or a virus.  Making such a programming change would eliminate allergic reactions and all the annoying, and sometimes life threatening, symptoms they produce.

Like a computer programmer corrects “glitches” in computer code, NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) corrects faults in the body’s Autonomic Control System (ACS), and thereby restores the body’s innate capacity to see pollen as harmless to the human body.

I have been using NMT in my practice for over 10 years, and have found it very effective in treating fall allergies. Once the informational confusion is cleared up, the immune system no longer sees the pollen or the particular food as harmful.

You can watch an NMT session by going to this website: http://www.nmt.md/Video/

Please feel free to call me if you would like to chat about your particular situation and the use of NMT at 301-613-4449.

Additionally, acupuncture can be useful in eliminating allergies; however, it is my experience that NMT is much more direct and requires much less time to accomplish the desired result. If one tends to have a challenged immune system, it could be very useful to follow-up your NMT allergy elimination treatments with acupuncture and herbs to boost and maintain a high functioning immune system.

Home Interventions For Allergy Suffers

While I have never seen fall allergy sufferers eliminate their allergies altogether by changing their diet or doing any of the suggestions listed below, these ideas may contribute to reducing the severity of allergy symptoms and make you a little more comfortable.

Avoid these foods:

  • Ragweed sufferers should avoid these foods: melons, bananas, tomatoes, zucchini, sunflower seeds, dandelions, chamomile, and Echinacea.
  • Why? Your immune system confuses the protein molecule in these foods with the pollen molecule, which is molecularly similar.

Eat these foods:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: People who have diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids suffer from fewer allergy symptoms.
  • Probiotics: People who take probiotics throughout allergy season are found to have lower levels of an antibody that triggered allergy symptoms.
  • Take Vitamin D:  Vitamin D reduces the allergic response to ragweed and mold.
  • Locally Produced Honey:  Many believe that consuming locally produced honey, which contains pollen spores picked up by the bees from your local plants, can act as a natural “allergy vaccine.” By introducing a small amount of allergen into your system (from eating the honey), your immune system is activated, and over time, can build up your natural immunity against it.
  • Quercetin: Quercetin prevents histamine release and thus is a “natural antihistamine.” Quercetin can be found in tablet form or in these quercetin-rich foods: apples, berries, red grapes, red onions, capers and black tea.
  • Stinging nettles:  Stinging nettles inhibit the body’s ability to produce histamines. Follow the dosing directions on the bottle.

Hopefully, I have given you a number of ideas to try that you might not have known about. It is always best to employ natural measures before harsh drugs, and fortunately, NMT allergy treatments work quite well.


Source material:  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/08/24/allergy-season-hits-us-with-a-vengeance.aspx?e_cid=20110824_DNL_art_1



Play Barefoot

Feet seem to be everywhere lately, and it’s no wonder with summer upon us. Everyone is pulling out their sandals to play outside. My June issue of Yoga Journal had an article about taking care of your feet, keeping them stretched out and happy. After all, they do so much for us! This morning I saw a headline on AOL leading to an article about how flip-flops are bad for you. Initially I rolled my eyes, but then curiosity got the best of me and I followed the link. It lead to a short article and video about how flip-flops cause injury from things like stubbing your toes and scraping your ankle on various hazards in life. Then, it went on to say flip-flops also cause foot and back pain. They had a podiatrist weigh in saying that flip flops do not offer any support for our feet which causes many problems if worn for a long time. He over-used the word “support” in his response and I got to thinking, are the flip flops the villains, or are supportive shoes the villains?

Think about this, human feet are meant to walk.  We evolved to walk on the earth through all terrains. When did shoes come into existence? And I mean actual shoes. The Romans and Egyptians had sandals, only differing from flip-flops in that they wrapped around the ankle. Native Americans and other nomadic tribes wore moccasins, or other various pieces of leather used only to keep the foot warm. There was no support in early shoes, yet we don’t have records of people habitually complaining of back or foot pain.

Our feet have over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. What happens to those muscles when you stuff them inside a cushy shoe? What happens to your leg muscles when you put them inside a cushy car? Nothing happens. Your muscles won’t develop unless you use them. If you get out of the car and walk, your leg muscles will strengthen. If you take off your shoe, your foot muscles will strengthen. Our feet are our foundation. Everything in the body is connected and is affected by the feet. If you have weak feet, the rest of your body will suffer. It’s like doing a sit up with no core strength. What do you do? You probably compensate by grabbing your legs to pull yourself up by arm strength, or rocket yourself up by bringing the legs down. When you walk on weak foot muscles, your knee, hip, and lower back muscles, tendons and ligaments must compensate to help you balance. That is not what they were designed for, so it hurts. The article on AOL said that wearing flip-flops for extended periods of time causes foot and arch pain. Well yes, if you always wear super supportive shoes and then go into flip-flops, it would hurt. Doesn’t going to the gym or a yoga class for the first time, or after a long absence hurt?

I, personally, cannot wear tennis shoes or any kind of athletic shoe without being extremely uncomfortable. Every time I put my foot in an athletic shoe, there are weird lumps. They are usually on the outside of my heel, the ball of my big toe, and under my arch. That is the support to make you center your weight on your foot so as not to throw out your back, knees or hips. But if you grew up barefoot or in Keds (which offered no support) like I did, you already do that. Learning to walk, play, and run barefoot allows you to figure out where the weight needs to go on your foot to balance. And in that exploration, you are building up the muscles necessary to support the rest of your body, and keep it in line. A child will naturally shift their weight around on their feet as they learn to walk in order to find the placement and balance that is comfortable. A child would realize really quickly that all of the weight on one side of their foot doesn’t feel good. If your feet were stuffed into shoes as soon as possible, you didn’t get to have this exploration. Your shoes molded your feet to exactly where they needed to go, and your muscles stayed soft and undeveloped. This lack of exploration and learning by feel is what leads to adults standing on one side of their foot when they take their shoes off. And that is what throws off the alignment of the back, hip, or knee, and causes pain.

Go explore. Take off your shoes and roll around on your feet. What feels right? Be honest and patient. What feels right may not feel comfortable at first. It may feel weird if you’ve spent your whole life standing off center. As you roll around, pay attention to how your legs, hips, and back feel. Take a yoga class. Yoga is great for developing foot muscles because you are barefoot the whole time. Kick off your shoes a little more often and feel the earth under your feet. There are hundreds of thousands of nerve endings in your feet that are stifled all day in shoes. Walk on the grass barefoot. Let your feet feel.

Want more information?  This is a good article to start with, if you just ignore the product pushing paragraph!



Yoga and Body Awareness

One of my yoga teachers always told us to move when we felt the need to move. She would ask us to set up in Child’s Pose and only move to Downward Facing Dog when our bodies called out for movement. For a while I didn’t understand. I’d wait a bit, until others in my class starting transitioning to Downward Facing Dog, and I would follow. It took many classes as well as self-practices to understand what she meant. She was teaching us body awareness.

On a basic level, I was aware of my body. I could feel my hands, knew where my feet were, and where my head was in relation to my belly. It never occurred to me that there were things in my body — things my body was telling me that I was not aware of. The first time I remember having a deeper awareness was in the middle of my teacher training. I was home sick and had taken my magical pill, Aleve Cold and Sinus. After about thirty minutes, my symptoms were gone so I began to clean the house. Then I felt my kidneys. I actually felt them inside my body. And I understood what they were telling me. Although I had masked my symptoms, I was still sick and my body did not want to be cleaning the house, it wanted to be in bed.

There are many psychological studies showing how yoga helps with body awareness. In 2005, an article in the Psychology of Women Quarterly compares yoga to aerobics in cultivating body awareness in women. The results showed that the women who practiced yoga gained greater body awareness than those who practiced aerobics, as well as more positive attitudes towards eating. Women tend to exercise more to lose weight than for the purpose of health, and in young women, exercise can even make them more dissatisfied with the way their bodies look. However, according to this study, yoga has the opposite effect, possibly because of the spiritual aspect of it. Most forms of aerobics and exercise focus on the end result, whether that is to sweat, to get stronger, or to lose weight. In aerobic classes, I have been told to “push” a little harder and to sweat a little more. Yoga focuses more on the pose and breathing in it. The Institute of Jewish Spirituality incorporates yoga into their retreats to “learn to pay attention more fully to sensations in [their] bodies as they move into various shapes and forms, and to the breath that flows in and out,” increasing bodily awareness.

How does yoga do this? Each individual must feel their way into their pose. There are no strict goals to meet, such as an amount of weight to lift. There are parameters given by the teacher, yes. The student is instructed on specifically what will hurt the body. Beyond that, each person must find what feels right in the pose. In order to do so, one must listen to his/her body to find out what is not challenging enough and what is too far. Change in the deepening of awareness is a slow process. It starts out in spurts in poses, noticing what feels wrong and what feels right. Then, one begins to notice how he/she feels when he/she misses a yoga class. Maybe how the body feels after a specific pose. Then, that awareness moves into knowing when one is truly full or hungry, when the body needs to move, and when it needs to sleep. The deeper a person moves into his/her practice, the deeper the awareness becomes. Deeper does not necessarily mean mastering super challenging poses. It means meditating more. It means honoring what the body is saying it needs. It means paying more attention. Often, this can happen without us even realizing it.

One day, by myself, I got into Child’s Pose and heard my teacher’s voice in my head. “Don’t move until your body calls for it.” I spent about fifteen minutes in Child’s Pose before transitioning, not to Downward Facing Dog, but to Savasana.





Spring Cleaning From The Inside Out

According to the Cleaning Institute, 62% of Americans say spring cleaning is an annual ritual in their home. 1

  • 89% say they will spring clean this year.
  • 72% say warmer weather gives them the urge to clean.
  • 55% say that hearing about spring cleaning reminds them to clean
  • 72% will wash the windows
  • 67% will clean the blinds/curtains
  • 65% will clean carpets and ceiling fans

While it is not yet a spring ritual for Americans to do an internal body cleanse in the spring, doing so may be just as important to your health and well-being as cleaning the home. Modern living exposes the body to toxins in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Although the body is designed to rid itself of harmful items, the internal drainage pathways do not always work efficiently resulting in the buildup of a toxic load. Over time, the toxic load accumulates, reaching high enough concentrations to negatively impact health.

Accumulated toxins can affect the body in several ways:

  • They impair proper organ function.
  • They prevent optimal absorption of nutrients.
  • They disrupt the body’s workings at the cellular level.
  • When this happens, it is often called cancer.

Today, the alternative or functional medicine approach to treating cancer begins with a deep systemic cleanse of all organs and systems designed to remove all toxins and harmful elements from the living organism.

But why wait until your body breaks down to detox? Why not cleanse your body BEFORE the toxic load causes serious health issues? That would be the smart, preventative medicine approach.

There are many ways to cleanse… dieting, fasting, chelation, colons cleanse, AND now, a homeopathic protocol, which is a whole body cleanse done WITHOUT dieting or fasting. It is designed for the modern, “on-the-go” person and it doesn’t cut corners to achieve results.

Organ-specific detoxes, like a colon or liver cleanse, focus on one specific organ and ignore the fact that the body is made up of organs and systems that function as a whole. So if you are going to take the time to detox, it is more effective to honor the relationships between organs or organ systems by addressing all body systems where toxins may accumulate. The end result is optimal function for the whole body. The homeopathic detox remedies by Desert Biological (DesBio) address all body systems at once and this is what sets these remedies apart from other products.

In general, here’s what the detox remedies do:

  • Promote detox AND drainage (if drainage pathways are blocked there is no real detox)
  • Promote aerobic metabolism (oxygen generates energy or ATP from the cells)
  • Add energy to the immune system
  • Clear and unblock the cellular matrix (the space between the cells where toxins accumulate)
  • Promote two forms of immunity (stops allergies AND inflammation)
  • Energize you
  • Shortens clearing reaction.

In greater detail, here’s what the homeopathic detox supplements do:

DesBio’s Detox Kit consists of six homeopathic remedies, each carefully designed to address one of the essential body systems associated with toxin removal.


Because the brain is the driving force in the elimination of toxins from the body, it must be supported and its function optimized in order to ensure effective detox. The brain and spine are the key elements to proper functioning of the matrix and the immune system.

The sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the peripheral nervous system, activates Th1 lymphocytes, which cause the “formation” of the matrix. The parasympathetic nervous system activates Th2 lymphocytes, which promote the “breakdown” of the matrix. Both of these phases are controlled by the brain through the spine.

In this way, it is the brain and spine that are ultimately responsible for the “pumping” action that occurs in the matrix, driving nutrients into the cells and removing toxins for elimination through the various body systems.


The spine is the information pathway of the body and must be functioning optimally in order for the brain to exercise control over the elimination of toxins. Spinalmax has been formulated to support the spine and optimize the signal pathways of the central and peripheral nervous systems.


Matrix Support has been formulated to promote balance in the “forming” and “unforming” cycle of the matrix and to optimize its function.

The interstitial or extracellular matrix (“matrix”) is the area between the cells. Ultimately, detoxification takes place in the matrix, which transfers toxins from the cells to the bloodstream where they can be eliminated through the renal system.

Additionally, the matrix houses the immune system and is where the primary immune response takes place. It is constantly being “formed” and “unformed” under the direction of interleukins produced by the body’s white blood cells. This cyclical process creates a “pumping” effect to move nutrients into the cells and to remove toxins from them. This cycle can become imbalanced. When the “formation” phase dominates, it creates a state of inflammation. A dominant “unformation” phase allows the immune system to overreact, and allergies or autoimmune disorders may result.


The Detox I formula contains homeopathic ingredients chosen to cleanse and support the liver/hepatic system and the gastrointestinal system.


The kidneys are the primary means of purifying the blood, removing toxins which are then eliminated through the urinary system. Detox II has been formulated to support and optimize kidney function and the renal and urinary systems.


The lymphoid system is a vital part of the body’s immune system, and congestion of lymphatic tissue can obstruct the body’s natural immune response. Detox III was developed to cleanse, optimize and support the lymphoid system


The Detox Kit is administered in alternating phases. The first phase includes Cerebromax, Spinalmax and Matrix Support to prepare the nervous system and matrix as a foundation for the detox to follow. The second phase uses Detox I, II and III to clean and support the liver, GI tract, kidneys, urinary tract, and lymphatic system.

The formulas are added to a bottle of water to be sipped throughout the day, which ensures a constant supply for increased efficacy. These steps are summarized as follows:

Add 10-30 drops each of Cerebromax, Spinalmax, and Matrix Support to a bottle of water (16 oz. or more), to be sipped throughout the day. Always start the detox program with these three products so you detox “top to bottom, and inside out.”

Add 10-30 drops each of Detox I, II and III to a bottle of water (16 oz. or more), to be sipped throughout the day. Continue for a minimum of 8 weeks or until you feel completely well.

The detox kit is sold through alternative health practitioners. As an acupuncturist and energy medicine specialist, I am happy to order these product for you and be your coach during the cleansing process.

The kit costs $140 which includes shipping by UPS ground to anywhere in the USA. Upon receiving your check made out to Daniel Ebaugh, and sent to 3930 Knowles Ave., Suite 301, Kensington, MD 20895, I will place your order. Then you can begin a new spring ritual of cleaning your body from the inside out.

1 http://www.wjyy.com/Spring-Cleaning-Rituals/12630622
2 Source: DesBio Products http://www.desbio.com/assets/docs/detox-overview.pdf