Slowing Down to Catch My Breath

“Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.”


I realized very quickly after setting-up my massage practice that becoming a massage therapist, unfortunately, did not automatically qualify me for the “zen goddess” membership card.

As a practitioner, giving massage to my clients is extremely relaxing and centering. My number one priority during a session is to be present to what is happening on the massage table. And, for that reason, I considerate it an absolute gift that I can be with another person with just music, a table and a few massage supplies without easy distractions. No smartphones or computers… no “to-do lists” or other multi-tasking temptations.

But outside of work, I often feel challenged by the normal demands that go along with juggling family, work and other commitments. And, then there’s the list of things I initiate and want to finish…

No question– I am a pro at getting busy quick and staying on the go and I constantly feel like I’m racing the clock. As a result, feelings associated with being overwhelmed, scattered and disconnected arise more than I care to admit. It’s rare for me to end the day without revisiting a couple of these questions….. “How can I make slowing down a priority that is more obtainable in my life? How can I feel overall more balance, wholeness and connection, so ultimately I give my attention to others more fully?”

I recently came across a great online article called “How to Slow Down Now (Please Read Slowly).” It’s based on the premise that people are not machines that can be “on” 24/7. Everyone needs the space and time in their lives to rest, reflect and play. But slowing down is uncomfortable for most of us, and, a difficult change to make. So, instead of making one big radical transformation, how can we (slowly) create a fuller life where we need to catch our breath less and can breathe in the richness of any moment more often. I like the idea of a multi-step process!

This article sheds light on several different ways of slowing down– some that I had not considered. Take a read, there are great insights and tips that I hope will inspire you to think about at least one or two things you can do right now in your daily life to try to slow down.